Our psychologists

Photo credit Joni Virtanen

Merja LehtomaaAnna Savolainen and Hannamaija Rauhala work as psychologists at Konstituutti. In addition, we have a soon-to-be psychologist Susanna Säilynkangas in our team. 

Merja has gained extensive knowledge in the working life and has special expertise in management, supervisory work and improving work communities that are going through changes. She also enjoys helping work communities solve different conflict situations. Merja is a specialist psychologist, a qualified occupational health psychologist and a work community supervisor. She is also qualified in pedagogics and a certified board member. As the chief executive officer of Konstituutti, Merja accounts for the high quality and positivity of our services. Merja has been described as “humorous, persistent, easy-going and argumentative when necessary, but never petty”.

Anna shows compassionate understanding of the possibilities of human growth and development. She enjoys considering things from various perspectives. She is curious of life and enjoys having a versatile job description. She works in occupational health care and as a work supervisor. She also develops new services to different customer groups. Anna works along with our specialist-level family therapist on designing and providing relationship services, utilising her perceptiveness and courage to enhance the well-being of our clients. In addition to Finnish, Anna speaks fluent English. 

Hannamaija has long experience working as a psychologist. She is also qualified in psychotherapy, TRE-therapy and clinical hypnotherapy. As a psychologist she takes interest in developing and improving peoples’ social interaction and problem-solving skills. Hannamaija especially enjoys working with and training groups. She takes delight in making people realise the possibilities of changing themselves for the better. As a person she is direct and kind. 

Susanna studied in the Netherlands and graduated with a MSc degree in Psychology. She is not yet a licensed psychologist, so while she is pursuing her permit, she works as our assistant, helping us with various tasks. Susanna’s special strength is her sense of humour – and her beautiful smile.