Ajatusten Aitta and our values


I founded Konstituutti in 2008 after working as a psychologist for almost 20 years. I wanted to create a suitable environment for high-quality psychology services and a space where we could offer our clients tools for improving their working life and management. I am proud of what Konstituutti is today and it truly is a pleasure to work with our team. As a company we are constantly working on enhancing our productivity, and efficiently utilising our brilliant cooperation network. Our manners of working are customer-oriented, adaptable, and cost-efficient. We are actively seeking for solutions and encouraging our clients to meet their goals. In Konstituutti, well-being is built upon working together in an appreciative and warm atmosphere. Ajatusten Aitta provides us with an environment where we may take joy in our work. We also apply the thoroughly beneficial health effects of nature in our services.


Merja Lehtomaa, CEO