Our work supervisors

Photo credit Joni Virtanen

Work supervision is one of Konstituutti’s main products and in addition to our main positions, we all also work as work supervisors. We constantly invest in educating ourselves in order to acquire up-to-date information and strengthen our overall expertise. Our methods and approaches fluctuate depending on our personalities, educations and individual work experience. Our psychologists Merja, Anna and Hannamaija offer work supervision for experts, managers, administrations and work communities. They also work supervise challenging crisis situations.

Our work supervisor Katariina Alajoki is a physiotherapist by profession and has specialised in psychophysical physiotherapy.  Her work supervision focuses on improving individuals’ occupational well-being by identifying and strengthening their existing distinctive assets. Katariina’s areas of expertise are advancing the balance of the mind and the body, as well as searching for new, better and more unique stress management methods together with the client. As a part of her work, she proficiently utilises various relaxation techniques and directs Konstituutti’s sleep and well-being courses. She has an important role as the executor of services aimed at improving clients’ occupational well-being. Improving sleep and recovery are near and dear to Katariina’s heart. 

Juha Pohjonen is a specialist-level family therapist. A deep understanding of situations that involve demanding social interaction, advanced communication skills, and conflict resolution are all within his areas of expertise and core competence. It feels natural for Juha to work as a work supervisor for therapists and professionals of the health care and social services sectors. Furthermore, he is exceptionally proficient at problem-solving. Juha has gotten positive feedback on his calm demeanor, and his ability to create a safe and confidential atmosphere, where opening up about tough topics becomes easier.