Feeling good in your body

Photo credit Merja Lehtomaa

As the name suggests, this service is meant for improving the overall wellbeing of your body and mind by means of psychophysical physical therapy. You will learn relaxation techniques, balance and stress control, as well as methods to boost your feelings of appreciation towards your own body. If you are struggling with symptoms like stress, insomnia, fatigue, or chronic pain, this service was made for you. 

Psychophysical physical therapy focuses on functional learning while paying attention to one’s breathing, positions and movement, and the feelings and thoughts that arise. Common methods of psychophysical physical therapy include exercises for enhancing breathing, presence, movement, relaxation, body awareness and social interaction. 

At Konstituutti, we appreciate strengthening the balance between the body and the mind. Our Katariina, as a professional of psychophysical physical therapy, is the perfect person for the job. Both Katariina’s personality and working methods can be described as compassionate, calm, and safe. This is her strength when it comes to honest and authentic encounters with clients. 

The first visit begins with a conversation considering your situation and personal mental assets, and you will together determine your goals and expectations for the therapy. This service is carried out in good spirits with warm appreciation and understanding of the customers’ wishes.