Courses for well-being and better sleep

Photo credit Merja Lehtomaa

Balancing recovery, wellbeing and sleep is essential. If you recognize that there is room for improvement in these areas and your own skills and knowledge feel insufficient, it may be worthwhile to take a course specifically designed to improving these aspects of life. 

In Konstituutti we offer wellbeing and sleep courses for small groups. Both courses combine the know-how and ambition of our psychophysical physical therapist Katariina Alajoki among with versatile exercises, conversations, homework, and peer support. Wellbeing and sleep courses consist of eight to ten meetings, the subjects of which are principally based upon the participants’ hopes and needs. 

Topics of the wellbeing course may vary from tension in the body to the importance of presence, whereas the course targeting sleep concentrates on themes such as relaxation techniques and non-pharmacological treatments to improve your overall sleep quality and help you feel more energized. 

Amongst these courses we offer brief, yet inclusive trainings via Teams, which are excellent as a refresher for small groups such as work communities. Take an important step towards improving your wellbeing and contact us!