Annual couples’ retreat

Photo credit Sonja Hagström

People in relationships have a strong belief that there is an abundance of value in their connection with their partner. We believe that it is this value that grows a relationship and brings happiness. This is why it is important to cherish our relationships and spend time and effort in letting them prosper. Konstituutti’s annual couples’ retreat concentrates on nurturing the good in the relationship and holding on to it even when the relationship molds and reshapes as it encounters all the stages and events of life. 

The couples’ retreat consists of you and your loved one experiencing the beauty of nature, eating and sleeping well, enjoying closeness and taking part in conversations conducted by a psychologist and a specialist-level family therapist. All our services are high in quality and designed with care, according to our clients’ wishes. 

The experience begins at home with preliminary exercises created by our professionals to spark conversation and reinvigorate the relationship. At the couples’ retreat, themes and topics surrounding these assignments will be discussed and expanded in conversations conducted by a psychologist and a specialist-level family therapist. These topics may include your mutual dreams, love, growth or reconciliation of conflict. The days at the retreat also include outdoor activities such as canoeing, fishing, hiking or nature photography, as well as delicious meals: a breakfast and an evening snack, two lunches and a candlelit dinner.  

The couples’ retreat lasts for one night and two days in areas near Kokkola, Kalajoki or Vaasa. The service is organized in groups of four. This is to provide an opportunity for the couples to get perspective from each other as peers and learn to consistently keep their partners in mind during their everyday life. However, it is also possible to design an individualised package. After the retreat, our professionals will provide you with tailored tips and post-retreat exercises for relationship maintenance. 

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